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Chairman’s Message

Silahtaroğlu is a company acting on the basis of innovation and development ever since it was founded. Successfully continuing on its journey, which was initiated in 1993, with steadily increasing momentum, Silahtaroğlu has achieved numerous investments in Turkey as well as on a global scale during this period.

Our Values

Our Values define how we do work. We will not undertake or execute a project which comprises any of these values. We believe that when we commit to work within our values, we achieve superior work in our industry.

1.000 +


1,5 Milyar $ +


100 +

Bridges & Viaducts

50 km +


2.300 km +


200 km +


1.500.000 m2 +

Construction Area

1.500 +


3.500 +


21,90 mW +

Capacity of Hydropower

Our Mission

To design, build and deliver safe, high-quality and cost-effective construction projects on schedule for our customers while providing quality employment and career growth opportunities for Silahtaroğlu Employees.
Years of business life and experience

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