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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Çağrı Silahtaroğlu

Silahtaroğlu is a company acting on the basis of innovation and development ever since it was founded. Successfully continuing on its journey, which was initiated in 1993, with steadily increasing momentum, Silahtaroğlu has achieved numerous investments in Turkey as well as on a global scale during this period.

Silahtaroğlu is a deeply rooted entity adding value to its business partners, its country and world, which aims at signing such projects, which would enhance human life by making contributions to social development without losing its awareness of sensitivity to environment and operates in the sectors of construction and energy in line with this objective.

Also reflecting its awareness of ultimate responsibility maintained in the business community on social welfare projects as well, Silahtaroğlu has also achieved many social responsibility projects, as part of the importance attached to human values and social development.

Chairman of the Board

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